• Danielle Berger

Under Sink Organization Tips

For most of the us, the space under our sinks is under utilized real estate. But it doesn’t have to be!

We are sharing a few of our favourite hacks that will help bring your sink storage to an organizational peak


  • Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable, 18-Inch

  • Plastic Basket

  • Paper Towel Holder

  • Adjustable Tensions Rod


First, install your tension bar.

You want to set this near the back of the cabinet space.

Firmly pull and twist the bar to lock in place.

Now hang all your handled products! This allows all your most-used items to be accessible and out of the way!

TIP 2: Non-Skid Turntable

Use a non-skid turntable for your big bulk items. This creates a designated area for all your larger items and allows them to be easily accessible with a simple turn. The non-skid will keep all the products from moving around. Also, ensure your turn table has a defined LIP on the edge, just incase any of your products spill or leak!

TIP 3: Paper Towel Holder

Large garbage bag boxes are a huge under sink space-waster.

Try this storage method instead! Take the roll of garbage bags, slide them onto a paper towel bar, and you've got a space-saving, easy-grab garbage bag dispenser!

TIP 4: Store Loose Items In A Plastic Bin

The # 1 reason your under sink cabinet always looks messy is due to loose items like sponges and rags sitting around.Keep all your loose items nicely organized in a small plastic bin. The plastic ensures any leaks or spills stays contained, while the bin becomes an easy-to-grab container when you're ready to clean!


And there you have it – your new organized space under the sink!