• Danielle Berger

Take and GO Table

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

This DIY Fold Up Work Table is the ultimate solution to small spaces looking for a temporary work space. When you’re finished with your work, all you do is fold it up and store it away. It’s just that simple!

Take a look at the step-by-step guide below, and be sure to tell us what you think.


2 @ 1x4x8 pine boards

1 @ 1x2x3 pine board

1 @ 4’ x 8’, ¾” plywood board

2 x 270° Hinge

2 x 2½” Butt Hinge

Skill Saw

Speed Square




Safety glasses

Drill with circular saw bit


60 grit Sandpaper

A Stain

Measuring tape




How to Build It

  1. Start by cutting your ¾” plywood board to 18” X 39”. You can use a table saw for this or a circular saw with a straight edge clamped down to help guide you. You can also take this board to your local Hardware store like Home Depot and they can cut this wood for you.

  2. Take your two 1x4x8 boards and make these cuts: 4 @ 28”, 1 @ 36”, 2 @ 17 ¼”

  3. Take your 1x2x3 board and make these cuts: 4 @ 4 ½”, 2 @ 2”

  4. Keep any excess wood, these will be used to make your small cleats later on.

  5. Take your four 28” 1x3 pieces and make a half lap joint on one end of each board. To do this, overlap your 17 ¼” board on top of the 28” board to create a right angle. Draw a line from the edge of the 17” board onto your 28” board. This is where your lap joint will start. Measure half way down your 28” board and adjust your circular saw blade to only cut this depth. Cut little marks all the way along the board and use a chisel and hammer to simply remove them. Repeat this step for all four 28” board.

  6. Repeat this process on your your two 17 ¼” 1x3 pieces, but this time make a half lap joint at both ends of each board.

  7. Once your lap joints are completed, use wood glue to stick your boards together and clamp them down until dry. You’ll want to make sure you add enough wood glue so that a small amount spills out of the joint. This ensures your joint is completely covered. Take a wet cloth and wipe away this excess glue.

  8. Take your 36” piece 1x3 and mark where the exact middle of the board is. Then, make a mark 2 inches to the left and right of the center point and use a 1” hole saw bit to make a hole on each of these points. Then, draw a line connecting the top and bottom curve of each hole, then use a jigsaw to cut along these lines. Once this is done, sand down the inside so the handle is smooth to the touch.

  9. Now, place the 36” piece onto either one of the long edges of your ¾” plywood piece. Make sure there is 1 ½” of space on either side of the 36” piece, to ensure it is in the middle of the plywood. Take a pencil and trace the outline of the handle onto the plywood. Use the hole saw and jigsaw to repeat the steps for cutting out the handle. Sand the inside when you are done. This handle will allow you to easily grab the end of the board to flip into a table top.

  10. Repeat this same step on the other side of the board, this time taking into account the gap your 270 degree hinge will create once attached to your board. Each hinge is different so measure accordingly. This will be your top handle.

  11. Install the two 270° hinges on the ¾” plywood piece, equidistant from the edges of the side you cut your top handle into.

  12. Once the legs are dry use your two 2 ½” butt hinges to attach your legs to your 36” board on either end.

  13. Next, connect the unscrewed end of the 270° hinges to the 36” 1x3 piece

  14. Fold out the table as is and eyeball where it would be best to place your two top cleats. This will act as stoppers when your table is in work mode. Simply use wood glue to hold in place and let dry.

  15. Sand down any edges

  16. Stain any piece you deem necessary

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment and we'll get you the solution. If you build this project be sure to tag us in it (@coraltv) and use the hashtag #CoralBIY. Happy building!