• Danielle Berger

Small SPACE Bathroom Solution

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

We all aspire to live our best lives at home but let's not beat around the bush when I say that our tiny homes come with tiny bathrooms! Bathrooms pack a lot of extras (especially when you're a woman), so we need to think smart about the pieces we put in there. I recruited my friend Gord to join Coral and help solve my small space bathroom woes!

This bathroom storage tower is the perfect build to free up space under the sink. It's tall and compact and can fit in just about anyone's bathroom. It holds towels and all those extra rolls of toilet paper - making it a space saving must have. The best part? You can customize this project in many different ways to give yourself a truly unique piece in your home. Feel free to try different sizes and measurements and let us know how your project turns out!



Toilet Paper Roller

1 Pine board @ 1x5x8

Wood glue

4 - 2” wood screws

½” Brad Nails + Brad Nailer

Safety glasses

Mitre Saw (or Mitre Box)

Drill with bits


Measuring tape

Wood Stain of your choosing!


  1. Starting with your 1X5X8 - Have a big box store, such as Home Depot cut 2 boards at 42” long

  2. With the remaining pieces, cut one piece at 4¼” (for the separating rib) and two more pieces at 5¾” (for your top and bottom pieces)

  3. Take the 5¾” pieces and the 42” pieces and mitre a 45 degree angle on the ends of each of them, so that all four pieces fit together snugly

  4. Before you assemble anything, measure the height you want to toilet roll holder to sit at, then make a dot at that height in the middle of each of the 42” boards

  5. Find the correct drill bit thats a similar size to your toilet paper holder. Your holder may vary to ours, so adjust the size accordingly. Then drill two holes straight through both sides of your wood. You could also consider a cleaner approach using a counter sink drill bit which wont drill a hole all the way through .

  6. Glue, pin, and clamp the 42” pieces to the 5 ¾” pieces, and let dry

  7. Measure the height for the separating rib and slide in the 4 ¼” piece. Screw in using your 2" wood screws.

  8. Once the glue is dry, remove the clamps and you’re piece is all done!

That's it! Your DIY bathroom storage tower is complete.

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Happy DIYing!