• Danielle Berger

Rustic Wood Flag DIY

Updated: Jul 26, 2018


Rough Pine Board: 1”X12”X8’

Pine Board: 1”X6”X6’

Square Board: 24”X24”X1/2”

White Paint

Red Paint

2 Paint Brushes

80 Grit Sandpaper

1 ½ Wood Screws

Jig Saw with Blade

Canada Leaf Template (below)

Wood Finish

½” Drill Bit

Robertson Drill Bit

Palm Sander

Leaf Template Printable


Step 1: Cut boards to the following sizes:

Rough Pine Board: 1X12X8 - cut into 6 - 1”X6’X2”planks

Pine Board: 2 - 1”X6”X4’

Square Plywood Board: 24X24X1/2”

You will need to use 4 boards for the red, and 4 for the white.

Step 2: Build the piece upside down. Determine which boards you want in which order. Turn them over and taking your pine board and wood screws, screw the rustic board to the pine.

Step 3: Turn over and it’s ready to paint! Using a dry brush technique, dry brush the paint onto the board. Let it dry.

Step 4: Using your maple leaf template, trace onto the Plywood board. Using your ½” Drill Bit, Drill holes on the curved edges of your maple leaf. This will help create smooth corners when you’re ready to cut it out with the jig sw. Cut out using your jig saw. Once finished, Paint this red!

Step 5: Once your boards are dry, Use your palm sander and an 80 Grit sandpaper to get rid of the paint but not enough that it completely removes the paint. The point here is to make it look like a weathered piece of wood, taking away a few layers bit by bit.

Step 6: Attach your maple leaf to the centre of your board and clamp down to keep in place. I want to keep my screws hidden, so i’ve turned the piece over and using the same wood screws, i’ve attached to the back side of my board.

Step 7: Your piece is ready to hang!