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Ultimate Kitchen Solution

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Cluttered Kitchen? Cupboards full of Pans?

Well you're in luck, because Gordon Graham stopped by to help us build this awesome, simple. and CHEAP kitchen solution.

Take a look at the materials list below and the step by step guide! If you want to watch Dani and Gord build the final product I've also put the link to the youtube video below!

Let us know how your project turns out, and if you have any question or concerns don't hesitate to comment below and we'll get back to you.

Happy DIYing!


1 - 2x4x10 pine board​

​12 - Heavy duty screw hooks​ (Large, Small)

​4​0"​ - ​chain - cut to 4 ​10” length​s

Black spray paint

​Mitre or circular saw

​6 ​Wood screws

Wood Glue

4 clamps

60 grit Sandpaper

Wood Stain

Brushes + or cotton rag

Measuring tape


Safety glasses

2-  3 5/8 x 3/4" eye screws

2 - S Hooks

4 - Decorative Corner Brackets (with necessary hardware)

Step By Step

The first step is take your 2x4x10 board and make the following cuts

2 @ 24”

2 @ 15”

2 @ 12”

To give the piece a more finished look, Mitre the edges of the 24” & 15” pieces at a 45° angle.

Use wood Glue and clamp your 24" and 15" pieces at the four corners.

As that dries, move to a well ventilated space and spray paint all screw hooks and chains black. Leave them to dry.

Once the glue is dry on your frame, measure out where you would like the 12” pieces (aka the ribs) to go within the frame (make sure they are evenly spaced) and slide them into place, before screwing them in with your wood screws.

Now, sand down all the edges of the frame and stain!

Once the stain is dry, screw your decorative corner brackets on each corner.

On the top, Screw 4 (INSERT SIZE HERE) screw hooks into each corner of the frame.

Make sure you leave the hook facing outward away from the inside.

Last step before you hang your masterpiece, place the 12 (INSERT SIZE HERE) screw hooks on the frame. We are placing 3 hooks on each frame.

Now it's time to hang your piece! Use a stud finder and find a ceiling beam, then Pre-drill 2 holes using the drill bit, then install the eye screws. Add two S hooks off the eyelets.

Loop the 10 inch lengths of chain onto the four screw hooks on the corners of the frame, then hang the chains from the ceiling S hooks.

We hope you're as happy as we are with the final product! This small space solution is a massive space saver have can help you organize your kitchen and free up the cupboards!