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The Domestic Geek Living Room Hacks

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

We all spend a lot of time in the living, so it’s no wonder it can get messy quick. We’ve got some great tips and tricks for organizing your family hub!

Keep track of your remotes by labelling each one with what it does. Then, organize them in a condiment caddy!

Create a cord organizer by following these simple steps:

  1. Get mason jars and open the tops.

  2. Add labels to the inside of the jars.

  3. Coil the cables and place them in their respective jars.

  4. Place the jars inside a basket or other container.

  5. Tip: If you have small children, buy larger jars and affix the lids!

Use small boxes to sort and store consoles, video games, and other electronics! And as always, add labels!

Organize small items with an “Everyday Essentials” binder! Use pouches from the dollar store and insert them into a binder. Here you can store things like batteries, instruction manuals, pens, and any other items that are easy to lose.

Store family photos in small photo boxes! When they get full, it’s time to sort them and start putting them into albums!

Use simple office organizers to hold magazines. Sort them by magazine type and label accordingly! When they get full, it’s time to move some older issues to the recycling bin!

Organize your books alphabetically by author for easy access. You can also use cedar shims with alphabet stickers as simple dividers so you can find books in no time! Bonus: the shims will keep moisture away from your books!

Buy multipurpose bins with lids that match the decor of your family room. The great thing is that you can swap out the content inside at any time to match the storage needs of your family! Add labels to keep track of what goes in what bin. Lids will help keep your family’s clutter out of sight and out of mind!

Add an empty basket to the room for quick clean-up in case guests come over!

Organization should enhance your space, not dictate it! We hope these simple tips will help keep your family room neat and homey!