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Cleaner than your clothes - Laundry Room Organization Tips

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The laundry room is a crucial place in a home but it’s often the smallest. We’ve got tips on how to organize your laundry items and maximize space!

Store light chemicals in plastic caddies with handles. Include cloths and sponges for on-the-go use!

Store liquid detergent in a beverage dispenser, which lets you access detergent with no heavy lifting. For powder detergent, store in a large clear jar so you always know how much is left.

Maximize space with large plastic containers above your cabinets. You can store things like extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and lightbulbs. Clear containers are great because you can see exactly how much is left of everything!

If you have some cupboard space, why not turn it into your medicine cabinet? It’s out of the way for the kids, but easy to access for you! Use long plastic containers to compartmentalize and store items by type.

If you’re pressed for space, consider getting a drop leaf table. You can expand it for folding, and then tuck it away when you’re done!

To make use of vertical space, store your ironing board against the wall using a mounted ironing board holder.

Create a DIY “vertical junk drawer”. This way, you have a place for all your knick-knacks, but it stays under control and doesn’t take up space.

Here’s how to make one:

  1. Get a sturdy bulletin board.

  2. Secure chicken wire to the board using a staple gun.

  3. Snip off sharp edges and bend down the extra bits.

  4. Spray paint and let dry.

  5. And that’s it!

You can put things like mismatched socks, a tape measure, some markers, and anything else that needs a place!

As a final touch, attach hooks to the bottom and hang small baskets that are great for collecting loose change and other trinkets you find in pockets!

And there you have it!

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