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DIY Illuminated Wall Art You Will Love <3

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Looking for an unconventional art solution for your space? This unique illuminated DIY Lightening Bolt Wall Art will give you the bolt of inspiration you've been looking for!

Draw the eye, divide a space -- This DIY will make your home feel one-of-a-kind.


3/4-inch x 2 ft. x 4 ft Veneer Particleboard

Wood Cuts

A: (1) 29 ½ x 28 x ¾

B: (1) 12” x 4.5”


Painters Tape

Utility Knife

Jig Saw

Straight Edge

Wood Glue

Measuring Tape



Wood screws - #8 - 1 ¼

Wood Screws - #5 - ½”

Hand Sander

Sponge Brush / Paint Brushes

Acrylic Paints in colors of choosing:

Light Portrait Pink, Basics

Light Blue, Artist's Loft

Cerulean Blue, Artist’s Loft

Aqua Green, Artist's Loft

Titanium White, Artist’s Loft

Mars Black, Artist’s Loft

Neon Yellow, Artist’s Loft

6.6 ft LED wire

USB extender for the LED wire

3/8 in. Plastic 1-Hole Cable Clamps, Black

French cleat 24”

1) Create a rough sketch of the lightning bolt on paper.

2) Determine how big your piece should be and measure these dimensions onto your particle board. The lightning bolt (Piece A) is 3ft x 16”.

3) Using painters tape, create a lighting bolt shape within the dimensions you marked with pencil.

4) Use a sharp blade to help shape the corner edges.

5) Trace the exterior of your stencil with pencil - remove tape

6) Clamp your board and cut out shape with a jigsaw

7) Sand the edges and surface of your wood piece.

8) Using your favorite acrylic colors, paint your wooden lightning bolt! To keep the colors vibrant, start with a white primer layer and use your popping colors on top. Let dry and seal the deal with a clear matte finish to keep your light durable and long lasting!

9) Measure and cut a 4.5 X 24 inch piece of wood (Piece B).

10) Add wood glue and secure piece b to the back of your bolt using 1 ¼” screws on each corner.

11) Follow the direction of your package and attach the 24” french cleat to the center of piece B.

12) Staying ½” from the edge of your bolt, secure your LED wire strip using cable clamps with #5 ½” screws and #8 1 1/4” screws. The clamps are good to use on tough corner spots and starting/finishing locations, while the 1 ¼” screws are easy to use to suspend the overall shape. Keep the light pulled taught as you work around your screws and ensure the LED light strip is facing outward at all times.

NOTE: If your plug is farther than the current light will reach, purchase a USB extender.

13) *OPTIONAL* You can hide the cable running down the wall with a cord cover painted to match your wall - OR you can just paint the cord so it blends with the wall.

14) Hang light in desired space on wall and watch your room transform!