• Sweet Shard

Festival Fashion w/Crown

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Hey Everyone,

This week I found out I snagged some last minute tickets to a festival! Check out the outfit I put together to be festival ready in under 5 mins!


  • Any loose fitting shirt/camisole - woven, not stretch knit.

  • Fringe x 1-2 yards

  • Thread

  • Sewing Machine

  • Faux Flowers

  • Spray Paint

Instructions for fringe:

  1. Starting at the side seam, lay edge of Fringe along hemline, matching top fringe edge with hem stitching.

  2. Stitch fringe to shirt

  3. When coming to the end, overlap the fringe by ¼ cm. Backstitch to hold in place. Trim access fringe off.


  1. Spray paint your flowers to match your top

  2. Bend the wire of the stem to the size of your crown

  3. Mix and match the flowers and intertwine them to the desired look!