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Easiest way to freshen up a room

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

A while back my sister was complaining about her dining room table. Her and her partner had begun purchasing furniture for their new apartment and they found that they had gravitated towards a monochrome modern style - in which the table no longer belonged.

Next thing I know, and my google search history had become full of figuring out how to refinish a table. Do you stain, do you paint, do you restore, etc...

It wasn't until I walked into a hardware store and began talking with one of the associates that I realized I had overcomplicated the entire process. It's actually as easy as 1, 2, 3.

One - Sand it

Yes, yes - I know this seems like the most obvious thing to do, but because I'm lazy I really didn't want to have to sand the entire surface. I looked up chemical finish removers, paints that claimed to cover finished surfaces - you name it! Turns out - in the end you just need to bite the bullet and sand away. I would definitely recommend renting or purchasing a palm or belt sander if you don't already have one. Sanding an entire dining room set by hand would've been EXHAUSTING.

Two - Prime It

Oh look! Another step that I'd love to avoid like the plague, but alas - I was strongly advised not too. The primer acts as an adhesive for the paint, and helps cover up any stains, cracks, or other signs of wear. It's definitely a step you're going to want to include.

Three - Paint it

FINALLY you get to the good part! I decided to paint the table black, but weirdly enough as I was painting, it looked more blue... Rest assured it dried the way it was supposed to, but if I'm being honest I was freaked out when the wet paint looked different.

(Four - Sand & Paint)

I know, I know - I said three steps not four. This one is entirely optional! If you're looking for the perfect finish, feel free to sand it with a fine grit, and continue layering on paint! The more thin layers you do, the better your furniture is going to look! So just keep going until you've nailed it i guess?