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DIY Wisping Accent Wall

Hi Everyone! I’m Dani - I’m a curious creative who loves to create DIY projects for your home. Today, I’ve come up with three DIY projects for my very own bedroom which was apart of an epic collaboration with my good friend Alexandra Gater who helped me transform my bedroom into the space of my dreams. I made a beautiful custom bed bench, two floating bedside shelves and painted a wisping accent wall - all of which I’m about to show you how I made. Alexandra then helped me bring all these elements together and decked this space out with amazing decor items and tips, which you can check out on her channel. I’ve linked her video in the description box, go check it out - in the meantime - let’s get to the DIYs!


Step 1: Prep Walls + Floors

Before you begin painting, prep your walls and floors with painters tape and drop clothes and/or wall protectors.

Depending on how much you are painting in your space, this will depend on how much you prep.

I’m painting the entire room white first, so i’ve taped off the floors and placed floor protectors down around the entire room.

Accent Wall Prep:

If you are simply only painting the accent wall because your room is already white, then take your painters tape and run it along the height on your opposing walls to ensure no accent color runs or smears onto your other walls. For extra insurance, I’ve also taped down wall protectors along the opposing walls as well.

Run painters tape along the tops of your baseboards and on the floor with floor protectors or drop clothes.

Step 2: Paint Accent Wall

Starting from the bottom, use your large paint roller and cover ¾ of your wall leaving 1 foot of white from the top. If you are painting with a dark color, you may need to do two or three coats before you finish.

Use a small paint roller to cover the wall sides.

Taking a 4” paint brush, dip in paint can. Remove as much excess paint on the brush as you can. Using the narrow edge of your brush, carefully wisp the brush in an upward motion until the paint becomes dispersed. Try start the strokes larger working into a smaller stroke at the end to give it a mountain-like shape.

Continue this process across the wall playing with varying heights along the way.

Let Dry.

Once the first round is dry, take your small paint roller and fill in the spaces before the wisping areas begin. Again, you may need to do this two more times if working with a dark color.

Let Dry and enjoy your amazing Wisping Accent Wall!

This accent wall did everything I wanted it to do in this space. It brought the warmth I I needed to offset the white surrounding walls all while adding a piece of my personality. I love the wisping top. It feels very natural - like wisping trees. Especially with the two warm wood side tables. All it took was half a day to create this. So simple and added such a big impact into my space.

Catch the Full Bedroom Makeover on YouTube!