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DIY: Hide Your TV Behind This DIY Art!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Living in spaces that are 500 sq feet or less has a lot of charm but it's no secret that with small space come challenges when displaying your everyday use items. TV units, in particular are a staple but can become an eye sore if it's the focal point in your room.

We have a DIY solution for you! This DIY Hidden TV Unit will hide your TV away with a beautiful piece of art but slide to reveal your TV hidden behind it. A perfect small space solution!


½” 4x8 Aspen Plywood

Wood Cuts

A: (1) 19.5 x 32

B1,B2: (2) 4 ⅞ x 32

C1,C2: (2) 16.5 x 20.5

D1,D2: (2) 4 ⅞ x 20.5

E1,E2,E3,E4: (4) 2 x 15

F1,F2,F3,F4: (4)14x 2 pieces using scrap wood left over


Wood glue



⅛” drill bit

1 ¼” wood screws

2 ¼” wood screws

(4) ⅝” wood screws

Measuring tape


(2) 16 x 20” frames

(2) 16 x 20” photo prints

(2)  (2 pack) 16” drawers slides

Circular saw

Straight edge

Jig saw

1 ¼” hole saw

220 grit sandpaper

Wood filler

Extra strength industrial glue

1) Measure and cut your wood pieces using a circular saw, straight edge and clamps.

2) Place piece A on a work table and measure 4” up from the long side and 8” from the short sides. Using a drill and a large drill bit (bigger than your jig saw blade), drill two holes at the two opposite corners of your 4” and 8” cross points. Using a jigsaw, remove the marked middle section.

3) Using wood glue and clamps, secure piece B1 to the top of piece A. Pre-drill 5 holes across the top and secure with a 1 ¼” wood screw. Repeat this step on the bottom of piece A using piece B2.

4) Using wood glue and clamps, secure piece D1 to the left long side (20.5) of piece C1. Pre-drill 3 holes down the side and secure with a 1 ¼” wood screw. Repeat steps with Piece C2 and D2 (this time securing piece D2 to the right long side of piece C2).

5) Add wood fill to any edges with gaps or imperfections. Let dry and sand using 220-grit sandpaper.

6) Line up 4 pull drawers along the corner edges of pieces B1,B2 (top and bottom frame), leaving a ⅛” gap along the long edge. Screw in the pull drawers, using the provided hardware to secure. *Ensure this hardware provided will not pierce through your board.

7) Measure the width of your pull drawers. The width should match the width of pieces E1-4. Remove the inside slider of your pull drawer hardware. Secure hardware to the center of pieces E1-4.

8) Measure from the slider edge to the outside of the pull drawer. Mine was 1.5”

9) Measure and mark lines 1.5” from the top and bottom of pieces C1,C2. *Remember the orientation of your piece, you are working upside down so keep this in mind for the next step.

10) Attach pieces E1-4 (with attached sliders) to the inside of pieces C1,C2, using your marked 1.5” line as your guide. On the top, pieces E1,E2  should be secured inside the marked line with the slider facing upward. On the bottom, pieces E3,E4 should be inside the line with the slider facing downward. Pre-drill using a ⅛” drill bit and secure with wood glue and  2 ¼ ” wood screws.

11) BIG MOMENT… fit your doors sliders back into the attached hardware shell and close the doors. You may need to adjust depending on how your sliders were secured. Sand edges down to help smooth your edges.

12) Take a hole saw and create a small cord hole in the bottom right hand corner of your unit. *Check your TV cord positioning to determine where your cord hole should be placed.

13) Take pieces F1,F2 and secure them to the front side of piece B1 using wood glue, pre-drill and 5/8” wood screw. These pieces will help fill the ¾” gap created by your picture frame. Make sure to space these two pieces out or alternatively (depending on how much board you have left over, you can secure a large square piece that fits inside the frame). Repeat steps with pieces F3,F4 on piece B2.

14) Apply extra strength industrial glue to the tops of pieces F1-4 and place the back fitting of your picture frame on top of each door. Let dry for 24 hours to ensure the glue has time to completely set. If your picture frame is heavy, you can also secure a screw through the back of the photo frame directly into the wood to give it some extra security. Hold it down but give the glue 24 hours before trying to move it.

15) Add the top of your photo frame with your desired photo and VOILA!

BONUS! The top of the TV hub acts as a small shelf for plants and knick knacks :)