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Modern Diy Pumpkin Project

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Who doesn’t love a decorative fall DIY?! Between thanksgiving and halloween, this month can rack up the $$$! Being crafty is the way to go and this cute DIY is your answer! These beautiful faux “no-carve” gilded pumpkins are easy to create and the outcome is simply gorgeous! The best part? They are completely reusable! Now you can show off your glam gilded pumpkins each and every year! Decorate your table, home or front door way - the possibilities are endless!




To start this fun DIY, you’re going to need a well ventilated space. I suggest creating a work area outside because it’s about to get a bit smelly!

Using your Matte black spray paint - Cover the entire surface of your faux pumpkin. Let’s be real, you can choose any colour you would like for your pumpkin base, but I personally find the black looks best with the gold gilded paper on top.


Once your pumpkin has dried (should take a little under 2 hours), set yourself up in a comfy work space. This is a great project to multi-task your favourite Netflix show!

Tip! you may want to wear protective gloves for this part - this gilding adhesive glue can get a wee bit sticky. I learned this the hard way...

Simply take your gilding adhesive glue and gently apply this to the surface of your pumpkin.

This glue is very thin and runny, so you don’t need to apply much on your brush. I only apply mine to the top of my pumpkin to give it a dipped look, however feel free to cover the whole thing!

Once the glue has been applied to the necessary areas, you’ll need to wait until the glue turns clear and sticky or the gilding paper won’t stick properly (This should only take a few minutes).


Let me level with you, there is NO wrong way to apply your gilding paper but there are some sweet tips I’ve picked up along the way. If you want to apply a full sheet onto the pumpkin, GO FOR IT. The point is to just have fun.

For this project, I’ve cut my gilding sheets into strips to help give it that dipped look.

Apply the sheets face down with the protective tissue paper facing upwards.

Smooth it out to ensure all the gilded paper has been pushed into the glue. Then simply remove the tissue. As a last step, take a brush and smooth out the surface. You’ll notice the brush may lift a few pieces off the pumpkin but I personally find this helps give the piece a nice natural look!

Repeat this process around your entire pumpkin. Try cutting a few strips in inconsistent patterns to create different shapes and sizes.


Once the entire pumpkin is covered, I finish the piece by dabbing my gilded paper onto the glue to help fill some unflavoured places.


Voila! Now it’s time to sit back and wait for your gilded pumpkin to dry. This may take about 24 hours or so, so I suggest you relax, make some popcorn and fully succumb to your Netflix temptations!

This whole process takes under an hour to complete (once the pumpkin is dry, of course), and is seriously simple and fun to create. No gilded pumpkin looks the same and now you have a beautiful fall piece for your home every season!

TIP: Even once dry, I noticed there was still a tacky-sticky residue left over from the adhesive glue. I solved this issue using a modge podge glue to seal it all in!

Let me know how your DIY gilded pumpkins turned out!

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