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DIY Floating Shelf With An Unconventional Twist

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We are no strangers to the concept of open shelving in homes - it's a simple way to display all your favorite photos and knick-knacks. So how can we evolve and re-think our shelving needs? We love when shelving acts double-duty to help organize pieces you never thought possible.

In this Buy or DIY inspired project, Dani reveals how to create 3 floating box shelves but caters it to a drag queen who is looking for a little help to organize and display her 30+ wigs.

*Measurements and Materials Outline the creation of 1 shelf. Repeat quantities X2 for full 3 shelves.


(2) 1x6 x 6’ ¾”

Wood Cuts

PIECE A+B: (2) @ 40”

PIECE C+D: (2) @ 4 ⅛”

* The total external height of the box will be 5 ¾

* The internal box dimensions will be 4 ⅛ high


Chop Saw (or Circular Saw)


Wood Glue


Measuring Tape

Power drill

⅛” drill bit

Wood screws: #8 2”

Wood filler

Orbital Hand Sander

220 Grit Sanding Discs

Painters Tape

Craft Paper Roll

Pink Neon Spray Paint

White Paint + Primer

Paint Brush

(5) ¾” galvanized metal flanges (x2 for two additional shelves)

(5) ¾” galvanized 3 inch nipples

#10 ¾” wood screws

White primer Spray Paint

Neon Spray paint in high gloss (X2 for two additional shelves)

5 Styrofoam mannequin heads (x2 for two additional shelves)

Fake eyelashes to decorate the heads

Tack Glue

Cotton Ear Swabs

(3) 3” L brackets

#8 ½” wood screws (secure to shelf)

*please determine best screw size/type for wall in your home.


1) Cut wood pieces to the outlined dimensions.

2) Using wood glue and clamps, assemble pieces A+B on the top and bottom of pieces C+D. Using a ⅛” drill bit, pre-drill two holes on each joining edge. Counter sink the holes so that the screw head will lie flush on your board. (4 sides in total)

Secure each joining edge with 2” wood screws.

3) Wood fill any gaps and screw holes. Let Dry.

4) Sand all sides of box using 220-grit sandpaper and orbital sander.

5) Using painter's tape, cover all edges of the shelf and the outside of your box using craft paper or a plastic drop sheet. Dani chose to spray paint the inside of each box with neon pink for a nice pop of colour. Let Dry.

6) Using a strong paint and primer in one, paint the exterior of the box to the color of your liking. Let Dry.

*At this point, you could stop the DIY here and you’ll have a great open face shelf in your home! Head directly to Step 14 for hanging instructions. If you’re looking for a cool way to display your wig racks, then let's move on!

7) Attach each 3” nipple to one galvanized flange. These will be your wig stands. Create 5 stands for one shelf.

8) Using 220 - grit sandpaper, sand the surface area of each stand. By roughing up the surface, you’re allowing the spray paint a surface to grab onto.

9) Spray all 5 stands with a white primer enamel paint. This will help the colored spray paint stick and the color to look for vibrant. Alternatively, you can also buy little pots of rust proof enamel paint at the hardware store. Let Dry.

10) Spray the stands to the color of your choice. Dani chose three colors. One for each shelf. Let Dry.

11) Place all 5 stands across the length of the shelves. Bunt the edge of each stand to the front edge of your shelf to ensure enough room for your mannequin head later on. *you can also use a variety of pipe lengths to give a tiered effect to the wigs.

12) Using a long drill bit, secure the the stands using #10 ¾” wood screws. You’ll need a large screw head size to fit the flanges.

13) The foam mannequin heads come with a hole in the base which fits perfectly over the pipe base. Pop each head on all the stand and mount your rainbow of wigs across them!

*OPTIONAL* Add tack glue using cotton ear swabs and attach colored eyelashes to give each head a pop of personality!

The shelves have space below for tiaras, fascinators, sunglasses and all your other gorgeous accessories.

14) To hang the shelves, use 3 - 3” L brackets that are secured to the top of the shelf and on the wall using 1⁄2” wood screws. *please secure properly to wall according to wall type.