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DIY FLoating BEDSIDE tables

BIG BED, small room -- listen people, we get it! A big comfy bed is not something anyone should be willing to sacrifice for the sake of fitting side tables. // yeah, not a chance// The solution? Custom floating bedside tables! This is not a new topic for our DIYer Danie Berger, but in this episode of Buy or DIY, Danie adds a new twist to her hanging bedside tables to add extra storage, function and design to suit our hero's needs!



(1) 1x8x 8 grey (or white) barn board

Wood Cuts

(2) A: 26 X 8 inch

(2) B: 7 X 8 inch

(2) C: 4.5 X 8 inch


Chop saw



Wood glue

Measuring tape


⅛” drill bit

Hole saw 1 ¼”

(10) 3” Wood screws

White wood filler

White wood stain

Sponge brush

Hand sander

220 grit sandpaper

4 keyhole hangers - size small

Custom cut glass 14” X 5 ¼”

Spray bottle



Tissue paper

Black spray paint

Silver specialty mirror effect spray paint

1) Cut your barn board into the following pieces:

  • A: (2) 26 X 8 inch

  • B: (2) 7 X 8 inch

  • C: (2) 4.5 X 8 inch

2) On Piece C, Find the center point along the 8” edge and measure 1” inward. Mark a small x on the wood. Use your hole saw to cut a 1 ¼” hole on the x.

3) Sand all the raw edges on each piece of wood

4) On PIECE A, measure down 16 inches from the top and draw a line horizontally across the board. Your top shelf (PIECE B) will be placed below this line. I like to place the shelf on the line and trace the bottom line using the edge of the board so that I know the exact placement of the shelf later on.

5) Measure 4.5 inches down from the bottom of PIECE B and mark a line across. This is where your bottom shelf, PIECE C will be placed. Again, place the shelf on the marked line and draw a second line so that you know where the shelf would be placed later.

6) Along both marked sections, use a ⅛” drill bit to drill 3 pilot holes across Piece B marked line, and two holes across Piece C marked line. Avoid pre-drilling in front of your drilled hole in Piece C.

7) Using wood glue and clamps, secure the shelves in place. Turn PIECE A over and drill pilot holes into your shelves using your previous pilot holes (now visible from the back) as your guide.

8) Secure in place using 3” wood screws.

9) Once your glue is dry, add white wood filler to fill in any unwanted gaps

10) Use a palm sander to polish out any uneven edges.

11) Apply a thin coat of white wood stain over the grey barn board - you can brush it over lightly to retain a rough farm house feel on the rough wood. The raw cut edges will need a few extra coats of the wood stain.

12) Attach 2 keyhole hangers to the back of each bedside shelf- use a ½ inch wood screws to secure.


13) Time to create a faux mercury glass DIY! we ordered two custom pieces of glass that were 14 X 5 ¼”. Custom glass can be sourced very cheaply, so do some research in your area to find the best deals.

14) Source a spray bottle and combine 1 part water and 1 part vinegar. Give it a good shake.

15) Cover the mirror in a silver specialty mirror effect spray paint. Don’t wait to let it dry. Once covered, spray your vinegar mix on top. You’ll notice the mercury glass already starting to take effect. Use tissue paper to dab a few areas to help amplify this look. Once you’re happy - Let dry. “Note: gold is also a mirrored spray paint option, if that is more to taste.

16) Turn the glass over and spray paint the back side with black spray paint. This will help create a contrast against the silver glass so that it shows up nicely against the white barn wood. Let dry.

17) Use super strength adhesive glue and place each piece onto the barn board shelves. Use a clamp to hold in place. Let dry for 24 hrs.

VOILA! Your fabulous bedside wall tables are ready for you to put up and enjoy.