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DIY Floating Bedside Tables

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hi Everyone! I’m Dani - I’m a curious creative who loves to create DIY projects for your home. Today, I’ve come up with three DIY projects for my very own bedroom which was apart of an epic collaboration with my good friend Alexandra Gater who helped me transform my bedroom into the space of my dreams. I made a beautiful custom bed bench, two floating bedside shelves and painted a wisping accent wall - all of which I’m about to show you how I made. Alexandra then helped me bring all these elements together and decked this space out with amazing decor items and tips, which you can check out on her channel. I’ve linked her video in the description box, go check it out - in the meantime - let’s get to the DIYs!



(2) 1x12 x6

Wood Cuts:

(2) @ 48”

(2) @ 11”

Step 1: Measure and Mark


(2) 48” 1x12

Measure 36” from the top of your 48” board and mark a line across.

Repeat on the second 48” board.

Step 2: Clamp and Pre-Drill


(2) 48” 1x12

(1) 11” 1x12

Determine the correct wood grain direction on your 11” piece to your 48” piece.

Place wood glue along the edge of your 11” piece and clamp tight to your 48” board along the marked 36” line.

Flip the board over, with the 11” piece facing downward off your work table.

Using your 7/64” drill bit, pre-drill three holes through the back of your 48” piece into the edge of your 11” board.

Take your ⅜” bit and create a small countersink hole at the determined pre-drill holes.

Using 3” wood screws, slowly secure the two boards together.

Repeat steps for second wall hanging.

Step 3: Sand

Sand both side tables using a 220 grit sandpaper until smooth.

Step 4: Stain

Using a cotton rag, stain your side tables to the color of your desire. Make sure to stain in the direction of the wood. Let dry before you determine if you wish to add another coat of stain. Reminder the stain darkens as it dries.

Let Dry.

Step 5: Finish

Add two coats of matte wood finish, applying a light sanding using a 300 grit sandpaper in between the coats.

Step 6: Keyhole Hanging

In my DIY fashion, I decided to create my own Keyhole Hangers in the back of my side tables. If you don’t want to create your own, you can of course go out and purchase two packs of the 20 lb Large Keyhole Hangers from your local tool store.

To create my keyholes, I used two High Speed Dremel Cutters. One was a 115 dremel cutter and the other was a 194 dremel cutter.

Measure down 5” from the top of your side table, providing 5.5” inches of distance between both hole markings.

Measure a 1-inch distance up from your 5” mark and draw a line. This will act as your cut guide.

Set your 115 cutter at the appropriate depth in your Dremel tool for your board, making sure you still have plenty of clearance so you don’t cut through your board.

Carefully (and slowly) begin to create your hole using your 115 cutter, moving along your 1” line.

Switch to the 194 dremel cutter and again slowly cut down into the opening of your keyhole. Once you have reached a depth beyond the size of your cutter, begin to move the dremel along the cut line. If done correctly, you should be cutting away at the wood under the board leaving a keyhole looking space when finished.

Step 7: Hang and Enjoy!

Hang your two floating side tables on your wall. Please make sure to consult an expert when hanging your tables. You may need to secure to wall using heavy duty wall plugs.

Of course, to make my two floating side tables totally functional, Alexandra sourced me two plug in wall sconces to hang at the top to really bring a finished look to these tables.

How cool do they look!?

For the full makeover, head over to Alexandra’s channel, where she explains how my entire room design came together along with my DIY projects.

These beautiful floating side tables add such a minimal approach to this bedroom. It keeps the space feeling open while providing functional bedside use. The wall sconces bring the design together,, adding convenience and lighting while not taking away any of the bedside table space. Again, adding more function to the design. I love the way these turned out and it was so so simple to create. Definitely a great beginnings project to try!

Catch the entire bedroom makeover video on youtube!