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DIY Industrial Bar Cart - 90's Inspired!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

This DIY industrial bar cart is not only affordable to make but easy to customize to fit your decor style!

For our cart, we were totally 90's-inspired; adding fun neon prints, neon lights and acrylic bars to really jazz it up in style. This DIY will not only be a fun conversation piece, but will leave your guests reminiscing of the good ol' days!

Raw Material

(1) 20 x 72 Pine Shop Shelving

(5) ½” copper pipe at 6”

Wood Cuts

(2) at 15 ½ x 24 ½

½” Copper Cuts

(4) 1 ½”

(8) 4 ⅛”

(8) 8”

(4) 2 ⅝”

(4) 15 ½”

(12) 1”

(4) elbows

(24) T bars

Acrylic Tube Cuts

(6) 16”

(6) 24”

(3) 26”

Project Materials

½” Copper pipe cutter

Black Felt Marker

Measuring Tape

Industrial Strength Super Glue

Circular Saw

Robertson Screwdriver *Dependent on your screw type

Black wood stain

White rags

(1) Tapered brush

High gloss wood finish

Sandpaper - 220 grit

Neon Spray Paints - Brand Used: Montana Gold Spray Paints

Rubber gloves

Craft Paper

LED El wire (9 ft)

Wine glass holder

(4) castors

(14) ½” solid copper clamps

#8 ½” screws

1) Using your measuring tape and a black felt marker, mark your copper pipes at the following lengths:

  • (4) @ 1 ½”

  • (8) @ 4 ⅛”

  • (8) @ 8”

  • (4) @ 2 ⅝”

  • (4) @ 15 ½”

  • (12) @ 1”

2) Using your ½” pipe cutter, cut the copper pipe at the marked lengths. Follow the guidelines on your pipe cutter to ensure the best cut.  

3) Follow this guide to create 4 separated copper pipe arms in the following order:


B: 1 ½”

C: T BAR* **

D: 4 ⅛


F: 8”

G: T BAR* **

H: 8”

I: T BAR **

J: 2 ⅝

K: T BAR* **

L: 4 ⅛



You'll need to refer to it in later steps!

Make note of which pieces have one " * " and two " ** ".

Each T bar fitting with an " * " beside it should be facing upward while the rest of your pipe fittings should be facing in the same direction. Two arms should have the fittings facing right and two arms should have the fittings facing left.

4) *Wear protective gloves for this step. Take your 1” fittings, place and secure with glue inside the pipe fittings that are indicated with two " ** " in the graph above.

Use super strength adhesive glue to secure all the fittings together. It’s best to add the glue on the inside of the pipe fittings vs directly onto the pipe. This will create a better bond and less of a mess, as any excess will be pushed inwards instead of outwards.

5) Taking 1 right facing arm, place it on your work space so that the elbow is facing upwards. Add glue to the inside of your fittings, then place (2) 16” acrylic pipes inside fitting A + E and two 15 1/2” copper pipes inside fittings E + M.

Take 1 left facing arm, add glue to the inside of your fittings and line up the arm to fit in the exposed side of your pipes and fit together.

Use painters tape as a clamp to keep each side held together tightly. Repeat this step with the remaining two arms. Once complete you should have two frames completely assembled.

6) Take (1) fitted frame, add glue to the inside of the remaining pipe fittings and place (6) 24” acrylic pipes in to fittings B, D,F on both sides of the frame. Add glue to the other frame fittings and attach your bar cart together.

Again, use painters tape to help hold the piece together tightly. It’s best to stand the whole frame upward and tape to a vertical surface to help ensure it stays 90 degrees. Let dry for 24 hours or until glue has completely dried.

7) Once the glue has dried, use painters tape to tape off all the exposed acrylic tubes.

8) Using a 220 grit sandpaper, sand the exposed copper pipe. This will help rough the surface to help the spray paint to stick to the surface better.

9) Use a high gloss spray paint of your choice, spray the entire cart. Try to keep your sprays in small bursts staying about ½' away from the object. This process will ensure your cart remains drip free. Cover until you’re happy. Let dry.

This is also a good time to think ahead and spray paint your 14 copper pipe clamps as well!

*Ensure you’re in a well ventilated space or spray your cart outside!

11) Using black wood stain, stain both sides of your two bases. Let dry.

12) On brown craft paper, draw out funky designs and cut out using your straight edge tool. To create a 90’s inspired look, draw spirals, triangles, rectangles, circles, squares and squiggles.

Place the designed paper on top of your board and use neon colored spray paint to fill in with color. Have fun with the design and add as much color as you want! Let dry and spray both sides.

*OPTIONAL: Add a high gloss wood finish to keep your board durable and long lasting.

13) Remove the wheels from your 4 casters by simply unscrewing the bolt and taking out the pin. Set aside in a safe place. Taking the same fun neon colored spray paints, spray your caster frames fun colors to match your bar cart. Once dry, simply add the wheel and pin back on.

14) Remove painters tape from the acrylic tubes and bask in the glory that is in front of you! Slide in your new colorfully designed bases and attach to your cart using (4) ½” copper pipe clamps. These hangers are malleable enough to bend as you please to make fit. Secure using #8 ½” screws, you’ll need 2 per side.

15) Attach (3) 26” acrylic pipes vertically to the “back” side of your cart (i.e.: whichever side you deem the back.) They should hold firmly by weaving the pipe through your three horizontal 24” pipes attached to your cart frame. Secure each pipe to frame using (2) copper clamps on each end.

16) Screw your casters to the bottom base of your cart.

17) As a last step to amp up the fun, run a small LED wire through the vertical acrylic pipes and around the bottom base of your cart.

*OPTIONAL: Add a wine glass hanger to the underside of your top base!

VOILA! A bar cart ready to impress all your family and friends.