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Closet Clutter Cut Down Hacks

Updated: May 10, 2018

Organization Tips

We all have a bunch of clothes in our closets, but when you don’t make room for the new, your closet will end up cluttered and messy. Ick!


We have some simple tricks for you to slim down and reorganize.

NOTE: You may need a day to pull this off, but it will challenge your relationship with your closet and the way you organize your stuff for the better!

(we promise)


  • Velvet Hangers

  • 2-3 big storage bags

  • Vacuum/Duster


Take everything out of your closet for a clean sweep.


Next, sort your clothes into two groups.

Fall / Winter vs. Spring / Summer

This will give you more room to sort your clothes and get a better look into what you have.


You’ll want to get two to three big storage bags that will fit underneath your bed and a streamlined set of hangers.

We recommend hangers made of velvet – they’re slimmer, providing more space in your closet and prevent your slippery clothes from falling off the hanger.


Now put the appropriate seasonal clothing on the hangers, grouping them into tops, dresses, pants and speciality items. Put the off season clothing into the storage bins and put them underneath your bed (or in your closet for storage).


Now here is the winning system. Each morning when you get up, take your clothing item off the hanger and hang the hanger at the front of the rack. This part is really important.

At night, when you hang up your clothing item, hang it on the hanger at the front of the rack.

Within a week to a month, you’ll start to see the clothes you really, ACTUALLY, wear – those clothes will be at the front of the rack.

Now, be ruthless, and consider getting those of the clothes you’re not wearing.

If you can’t part with them, hold onto them for one more year, but if the same clothes end up at the back of your closet bar in year two – they’ve got to go!

Just think, you’ll be giving yourself a reason to shop for a new item ;)

Now dust and vacuum it!

Those are some quick tricks to slim down your closet.

Let us know if there are any closet hacks that you like!