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Buy Or DIY: Your Favourite DIY Projects

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

We decided to collect all of yourt favourite DIY projects from Season 1 and create a masterlist with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials!

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Episode 1

Hanging Plant Wall

This DIY plant wall is the perfect solution for big, empty white spaces. With its ceramic planters and rough pine boards, it adds custom art to your wall while providing a beautiful, natural backdrop. Add plants and a few pops of gold, and your blank wall is transformed!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 2

Dog Bed

This double decker DIY Dog Bed is a perfect small-space solution for you and your furry friend!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 3

Acrylic Office Shelves

These stunning organizational shelves will transform your space and help you get rid of any clutter you might have. You’ll have several levels for displaying shoes, books or succulents, and a wire backdrop you can completely customize with photos and fairy lights.

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 4

Live Edge Industrial Coffee Table

This showstopper coffee table is sure to be a conversation piece, with its unfinished wood top and sleek iron pipe legs. With a few easy steps, you can incorporate that trendy modern industrial look in your decor without breaking the bank.

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 5

Balcony Bench

This DIY build is great for small balconies looking for a unique show-stopper piece to elevate it to new heights. Get it… cause it’s a balcony.

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 6

Standing Mirror

This DIY standing mirror is both gorgeous and functional! You'll love its vintage look and all the shelves to display your accessories and plants.

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 7

Vintage Door Headboard

Looking to update the look of your bedroom? What's better than using a vintage door as your new headboard? This is the ultimate DIY solution to any homeowner looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind space -- and it’s super simple to accomplish in one day!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 8

L-shaped Office Desk

Here’s the challenge - making an L-shaped desk from scratch can get costly, but using only one sheet of plywood can save you some money and allow you to be creative with how you want your desk to look! In this DIY we decided to go for a lighter wood stain, a modern looking structure and allowing a little storage underneath with a cubby.

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 9

Fringe Chandelier

This elegant fringe chandelier will add personality and light to any room!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 10

Murphy Kitchen Island

Condos can be tight and lacking storage space, but this DIY murphy kitchen island will definitely solve those problems for you!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 11

Laundry Room Organization

If you are looking to make the most of your laundry room and add some extra storage, this DIY is for you!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 12

Home Gym Station

This DIY Home Workout Bench and Organization Wall is everything you need to stay on top of your fitness routine!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 13

Vanity Mirror

Looking to step up your makeup routine? This DIY is a way to go! Light up your vanity and make every time you apply makeup special.

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 14

Wall Sconces

These wall sconces will easily and quickly transform you room, and look absolutely gorgeous!

Find the tutorial here.

Episode 15

Dining Room Table

This stunning dining room table will make every meal enjoyable and fun!

Find the tutorial here.

Good luck!