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Updated: Aug 22, 2019


Hey friends! I’m Alexandra, a home decor YouTuber. My channel is dedicated to showing you how a beautiful and stylish home is possible on a budget — even if you rent. You may also know me from the Coral series Buy or DIY, where I go up against my friend Dani to help solve home decor dilemmas with the perfect buy. Though I can’t DIY a dining room table to save my life (styling the table is more my vibe), I’m an avid believer that magic happens when you combine DIY and design in a space.

That’s why I’m here to outline six of Dani’s amazing DIY projects that will instantly elevate your space, and ways to style them with products you already have around your home. The best part? You can download the e-books that outline all the materials and step-by-steps to make these gorgeous DIYs in your own home.

1. DIY kitchen island IKEA Hack

We hear you — space is a luxury, especially if you live in a teeny tiny condo, which is why this DIY Murphy kitchen island is so genius. Items working double duty are essential when you live in a small space, especially in a kitchen where storage and prep space are always needed. This DIY island is perfect because it acts as a dining table and has tons of storage down below. Because the sides fold down, it saves major valuable space when not in use. When you’re styling open shelving in a small kitchen (like the bottom of this island), make sure you’re keeping your best kitchen decor items on display. I also love displaying my dried goods in jars (canning jars work just fine!) because it turns those items you need everyday into a functional, decorative display.

Get the DIY instructions here

White marble canister set, set of 3, Amazon.

Glass square storage jar in rose, set of 3, Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Clear glass jar, Ikea.

2. DIY Industrial Wall sconces

Light is such an important element when you’re decorating your home. It can instantly make a cold, open space feel more cozy and intimate or add a hit of pizzaz to an empty corner. Same goes for blank walls. A pair of beautiful wall sconces are functional and can also act as wall art. When buying sconces, make sure they have a plug-in option if you can’t hardwire them to your wall. You can find some beautiful decorative bulbs to take your sconces up a decorative notch. I’ve listed two of my favourites below.

Get the DIY instructions here

Gem LED bulb, Nanoleaf.

Edison bulbs, pack of 6, Amazon.

3. DIY Balcony Pallet bench

You might think that it’s not possible to entertain or lounge comfortably if you have a tiny balcony. Think again. Remember that rule about dual-functioning furniture in a small space? Same goes for when you’re decorating outdoors. If you’re buying, look for a good storage bench. It will act as a place for guests to sit and somewhere to store gardening tools and other outdoor accessories when the weather gets colder. Or make this amazing bench which is a garden, storage unit and lounger all in one. Whether you’re buying or DIYing, try styling the outdoor bench with the cushions from your living room. This will make your outdoor balcony feel cozy and like an extension of your indoors. I also love using cotton rugs outdoors. They’re cozy under your feet and are easily washable.

Get the DIY Instructions Here

Cotton rug, H&M Home.

Pom pom trim cushion, Simons.

Lantern, Structube.

4. DIy Vertical Plant wall

Plants are essential for tying together any space. Seriously — if you have an empty corner or a blank wall that you don’t know what to do with, add a plant. Plant walls are so trendy right now but it can be daunting to know where to start, especially if you rent and don’t want to put tons of holes in the wall. This DIY is genius because it acts as an art piece that only takes one hole to install and adds such an interesting focal point to the wall. If you live in a darker space or don’t have a green thumb, try layering in faux plants with real ones — no one will ever know. Don’t be afraid to incorporate this piece into a gallery wall, surrounded by some of your favourite wall art.

Get the DIY instructions here

Umbra Trigg hanging planter, set of 2, Amazon.

Myr planter with stand, Structube.

Rivet hexagonal wall mount planter, Amazon.

5. diy rustic door headboard

If your bedroom needs a bit of an uplift, turn to your headboard. This is a piece you can have tons of fun with — think interesting patterns, lots of texture or a bold colour. This is definitely a larger investment piece so DIYing something totally custom can be more affordable and also really unique. Whether you’re buying or DIYing your headboard, remember that whatever you pick will set the tone of the room. Turn to dark woods for a mid-century feel, or an old door for a completely show-stopping rustic look. If you don’t want to invest in a brand new headboard, try dressing up your current one with fun accessories, like a pom pom garland or some string lights.

Get the DIY instructions here

White orb string lights, Urban Outfitters.

Pom pom garland, Etsy.

6. DIY Fringe Chandelier

Similar to wall sconces, pendants or chandeliers can completely transform a room just with a quick switch-out. Lights can really add personality so don’t be afraid to have fun with it, like this pink fringe chandelier. When picking pendant lights for your space consider size (larger pendants are great to anchor a large dining table, whereas smaller ceiling lights work better if you’ve also got sconces in your room) and material (are you going for a more natural look? Try rattan. Industrial? Go for something in a sleek, black metal.)

Get the DIY instructions here

Fey pendant, Structube.

Rattan pendant, Ikea.

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