• Danielle Berger

$500 Chandelier on a Budget

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

I came across a bunch of these Fringe Chandeliers online, and was absolutely stunned that they can cost over $500!

Thanks to my DIY savy, I passed on the idea to Courtney, and challenged her to make the same product, for much less! The final product is elegant and beautiful. Check out how she made it below!


Three embroidery hoops


Border of choice

Hot glue gun




  1. Take your 12” hoop and attach 4 strings to every 3” of the hoop leaving the ends open to tie to the 10” hoop later. Repeat with the 10” hoop leaving the strings open to tie to the 8” hoop at the end.

  2. Take your 12” hoop and your 14” fringe and hot glue the fringe around the ring. Trim any additional fringe so it doesn’t overlap.

  3. Take your 10” hoop and your 8” hoop and repeat. Let to dry.

  4. Hot glue the border that will be covering the 12” fringe.

  5. Take your 12” and 10” hoop and tie the strings. Repeat with the 10” and the 8”.

  6. Trim any fringe to create a symmetrical level.

  7. Attach 3 strings to the top ring (12” hoop) to hang.

It's such a simple DIY that can save you HUNDREDS of dollars. Definitely try it out, and be sure to send in any photos of your projects - We'd love to see your work!

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