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5 Summer Makeup Hacks

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Summer and I aren't the best of friends, but summer and my makeup are sworn enemies. Over the years I've figured out how to get my makeup to be sweat-proof and stay in place during the long, hot, humid days. And don't roll your eyes and say "has this girl never heard of waterproof mascara??" Because giiiiirl does anyone actually like waterproof mascara? Has anyone ever successfully removed it from their lashes?

Let me know.

I hope you start using these summer beauty hacks because they have SERIOUSLY saved my face.

Step By Step


Primer is an amazing thing, it can cover pores, cancel out discolouration, and mattify your face- if you apply it correctly. Whenever working with mattifying products, be sure to press into the skin, and not rub. This Becca primer is a lifesaver when it comes to summer makeup because it can't be broken down by sweat, and you can reapply when needed, over top of your makeup!


Finding your perfect foundation can be tricky, but once you find your match, you're set. To turn my favourite foundation into a lighter coverage, I mix 1 part foundation to 2 parts moisturizer on the back of my hand and apply like a moisturizer. You get coverage, SPF, and a healthy glow. Win Win WIN.


Just like the rest of your face, you have oily pores underneath your eyebrows. I could never figure out how to keep my eyebrows from budging throughout the day, until I tried this, and was hooked ever since. While setting my face with powder, I run the powder-filled brush back and forth over my brows. It keeps any product you put on top of that, stay all day.


Don't talk to me about waterproof mascara. Just don't. It's the worst and pulls my eyelashes out every time, until I learned how to use it 'properly'. From now on, before I leave the house, I run waterproof mascara OVER my regular mascara to seal them as waterproof. Now this hasn't been tested in the pool, but it did pass the 'running-to-an-appointment-late-in-the-rain' test- no raccoon eyes!


You can do as much as you can before you leave the house to protect your makeup, but sometimes it's never enough. That's why using tissues to blot on the go is a makeup lifesaver. Just press 1-ply of Kleenex wherever needed and ta-da, oil gone, makeup unbothered.

Products I Used

If you're looking for some of the stuff mentioned, then look no further. Here's a list of the products mentioned above;

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