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Changing the World Starts at Home

It's about creating beauty, strength, and joining forces. In the ocean, there millions of pieces of coral and when fused together they become a beautiful and resilient reef. The reef is a dynamic ecosystem where life and community flourish. Coral reefs are arguably the most diverse, beautiful and vibrant habitats on the planet. We believe the name Coral reflects the diverse, beautiful, and vibrant programming we deliver.


Focusing on Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, we aim to create simple home improvements which will lead to a better quality of life. These projects are perfect for completing in the comfort of your home, and can give your homespace a curated and polished look.


from humble beginnings on

In 2012 five women sat down and decided to create a lifestyle channel that aimed at empowering individuals through their everyday lives.


On February 23 the first video was posted

By 2016, Coral had produced over 600 videos.

After taking a break to help fine tune the break out Coral personalities, Coral rebranded and relaunched on January 1st, 2018. We are dedicated to creating content that improves your life at home, and can't wait to reach new milestones!

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Executive Producer
Production Manager
Kit Redmond

Recipient of 3 Canadian Screen Awards for her work as a lifestyle producer, Kit brings her experience to Coral to help ensure its continued success. Kit gives her team the tools to succeed and constantly pushes them to exceed expectations.

Working as the in-house DIY expert, Dani uses her film training and passion for interior design to help bring the Coral Channel to life. She has worked on many projects, some of which have been featured by HGTV!

Jaye balances the needs of the creative team with the business goals of Coral. Managing a diverse range of productions, Jaye’s strong communication and organization skills give Coral structure.

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